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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where to find reviewers for your first book

The sources for reviewers of self-published books are growing exponentially. And there is no better source of credibility for your book than a bunch of INDEPENDENT positive reviews.

Today's post provides you with the latest sources I have been finding on the Web:

-- Getting Book Reviews - Submission Guidelines for 21 Top Book Reviewers from Paul Krupin (REALLY GREAT -- though some reviewers won't accept debut books or fiction!)

-- Join the Reviewers Roundup Group on FaceBook and check out this Discussion link for FREE reviews: Reviewers Roundup

-- Try Readers' Choice Reviews here for a FREE review. You may then want to widely distribute the review for a very modest cost. I had a great experience with these folks.

-- is a source for possibly multiple FREE reviews. I also had good experiences with the people who review for this site. Many of them have their own blogs as well.

-- As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Amazon Top Reviewers can also be sources for great FREE reviews. NOTE: Please remember these are not professional reviewers -- so treat them nice! Check out reviewer bios to see if they read and review your genre -- or even books! Maybe they review electronics. You need to spend some time here. But again . . . my experiences have been almost universally positive.

-- Check out the list of "BC Recent Contributors" near the bottom of this page. (There are literally dozens of book review blogs listed here.) Or email at: for more information on submitting to BlogCritics.

There are going to be more and more review sites popping up all over the place. Use your web browser and search for "book reviews self-published" or something similar.

Well . . . as short as this post was, I'm willing to bet that you can spend hours submitting books to many of the above reviewers. Just follow their review submission guidelines . . . and be patient!

That's it for today. Pithy, eh?



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  2. Hi John
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