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Monday, May 10, 2010

Borders to offer ePubs

Notoriously behind-the-times bookseller Borders is finally getting into the digital book market with its partner, Borders will launch its online store in June.

One wrinkle that is important to the self-publisher . . . you're not welcome at Borders.

I sent Kobo an email asking how I might submit my eBook for publication with Borders/Kobo(which takes no shelf space or work on their part, of course). They stated:

"Thanks for contacting us about selling your work with Kobo! We are currently asking self-published authors and small publishers to approach Smashwords or Author Solutions; both are digital aggregators with whom we have pre-existing contracts. By going through either one of these services, we will be better able to process the high volume of self-published authors that are looking to sell their work through Kobo."

In all fairness, I checked out SmashWords and it's a pretty decent ePublisher. But they don't offer DRM -- which might be a deal-breaker for some authors.

Here's an article about what Borders has planned:

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