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Friday, July 27, 2012

What Can Indie Authors Learn from Steve Jobs and The Big Six?

Greetings and welcome to Self-Publishing Central.

I just came across some interesting information related to book pricing and simply HAD to share. Please read and consider the following:

Some evidence from the DoJ's antitrust case against Apple, et al --

"And in an email to one of the publishing execs, Jobs, according to court records, wrote that "all major publishers" had told Apple that "Amazon's $9.99 price for new releases is eroding the value perception of their products in customers' minds, and they do not want this practice to continue for new releases."

So...Mr. Jobs and the traditional publishing insiders were concerned about "value perception of their products"; so concerned that, allegedly, they engaged in illegal price fixing. 

Indie's should be concerned about value perception, too. Don't sell yourself short. Demand a reasonable price for your books.

The foregoing message has been my opinion...and of course, Steve Jobs' opinion as well. 

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