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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Publish Your Paperback in Europe

Hi folks. And thanks for stopping in at Self-Publishing Central.

Today's topic, publishing paperbacks in Europe, is one that I've wondered about for quite some time. There have always been contract printers in Europe who will print your books for you. But prices were never that attractive, especially when one considered the hefty percentages that Amazon would take when you made a "Marketplace Sale" on The Continent.

Now CreateSpace has changed all that. If you have printed your U.S. titles with CreateSpace, all you need to do to make your paperbacks available in Europe through Amazon UK, Amazon DE, and the others, is to check the box on your book's Distribution Channels. You also have the same option of altering your European price structure that Amazon DTP has offered for quite a while now. And there's NO EXTRA DISTRIBUTION CHARGE.

The other really good news is that your books will be eligible for Amazon's Free Shipping after the required minimum purchase is made. (Similar to the "Free Shipping with $25.00 Order" policy in the U.S.)

So if you've printed your book with CreateSpace, what are you waiting for? Check the box and sell to Europe. If you haven't printed through CreateSpace, ask your printer if they've given you new European distribution options. If not, then get over to CS and sell to Europe in Paperback! It costs practically nothing to get started.

That's it for today. Thanks for checking in.